How important classical music will be in the future?

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As a fanatic classical music fan, I want this music genre to exists forever. And that it won’t stop. It must be told generations from now on. And I think that people, these days, don’t even know who Mozart is, or Beethoven, Vivaldi, or whatever composer on earth there is.

I try to teach my children about classical music. Unfortunately, they prefer to listen to pop music. Especially the oldest. She is at a certain age that she compares her tastes with that of her friends.

I have been playing the violin since the age of seven, and I have…

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Tea quote — a path that leads where you want to be.

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When I came across this tea quote, I knew immediately that this resonates with me too well. I have been through a lot, and I try to walk through everything beautifully, talk to everyone beautifully, and live beautifully as much as possible and what is in my power as a human being to do whatever I can.

Whatever you’re doing as a human being, you always have to do your best in whatever you can do in your power to make the world even a little bit more beautiful. …

What vision is yours?

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Straight forward with a clear vision One line that tells your road When one side path keeps your eyes open To see other things you could use As that cleared vision of yours Knows what to do and make that happen Through the glasses on the nose When you see that long path The long line with possibilities To make that clear dream vision happen That you dreamt as a little child Imagine yourself there at the end of the path The telelens of the camera caught your dream In the bubble that you have had for years Trying to…

350-Word Story

Episode #11

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“Yeah, sure, mom,” Vivianne winked at her mom, turned around and read her book again. A book about a great violinist who had great technique. The writer was the violinist himself and wrote about his violin career and the technique book he wrote. That book inspired Vivianne a lot. In that book he described the concerts he gave, with whom and some funny stories about those people, embarrassing situations he had been in, and that he didn’t want to perform a concerto because that one he hated too much as everyone played that concerto.

Harriette looked at her daughter while…

Agnes Laurens

Mother, wife. journalist, painting, violin. Giving my soul into writing. See my links:

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