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What To Know About Writing An Article

What do you know about writing an article?

Agnes Laurens
5 min readDec 31, 2021


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Writing could be difficult. Especially when you never have done that. When I discovered how lovely it is to write in English online, I was sold. I had to learn so much, but with falling and standing up again, I learned what you I should know about writing. Even when I did a course in journalism.

When you write, you should know a few things before publishing your article.

Since two years I write on Medium every single when I am able to do so, as well as on other online platforms. I fall in love with writing when I found the skills I needed to learn, but had too much fear if I was actually able to write in my non-Mother language.

I write in English on this platform to gain more visibility. Also, I found a way to write and I also found my voice. I write about everything that matters to me and I have been taught through my life.

Where to start

Think about a subject you want to write about. Any topic is possible. That could be a topic you know a lot about. It could be a topic you do research for. The topics also could be for your education. One thing I always do is — especially with topics I don’t know lots about — is making a list what I want to write about, what I need for the article, what I want to teach my readers, and what I still need to do research about.

It is like making a chart about what to do and when you do it, to ensure you actually write the article on time, or you have got everything you need to tell your readers.


One important thing to do is doing research; online and offline. When you write about a topic you don’t know much about (which you are very passionate about, recently discovered, or you name it), you need to do research about the topic. Try to find an angle your readers are interested about, and — you as…



Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with three daughters. https://linktr.ee/alaurens