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Why does Medium give editors limits to publish submissions?

350-Word Story

Episode #10

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Image by manseok Kim from Pixabay

“Mom, I saw you looking again at him.” Said Vivianne as soon as the door closed. Walking through the hall, her mother became a little bit red on her cheeks. “No, I did not look at him,” protested Harriet. And they walked further, out of the building.

Then, they heard footsteps running their way. It was from David. “Is this your wallet, Harriet?”

Looking to the wallet and then to David, again and again. “Yes, it is mine. It must have been fallen on the floor when I searched for my car keys. Thanks.” She took her wallet from David while their finger tops touched each other. …


Feelings I have from listening to the Chaconne by Vitali.

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Image by Alexander Belyaev from Pixabay

The intense deep feeling
When they all coming together
From the silence
Out of nowhere
Where you find that love
You desperately need
Slowly you go deep through the soul
Touching everything nobody is allowed to
Going all the way
Before you are too late
To catch it
The heart broke
What makes uncertain
Feelings that you liked
Flew above the clouds
Watching having me the pain
I used to have
When you realized
Struggling feeling you feel
Coming back soon
Holding the ones you love
Giving all the passion
Making the joys every day
With the love of your life
The good and bad times
No more the cold in life
Warm like the blanked
Together you are one in the world
Full of both…

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