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The creative process of an artist is something that is different for every artist.

There are general aspects of an artist that you do to make your art the way it looks in the end.

When you’re an artist you’re being very creative. You think about what you can create, how you can create your idea you have in your mind, and what you can create it.

I have been creative my whole life. I play the violin, I write, I paint as a hobby, and so much more I do as a creative spirit.

There are so many kinds of art forms: painting, writing, playing an instrument, and many more…


For me as…

Tips on how to get motivated to write.

You have days that you don’t know what to write, or even motivate yourself to write. I have that sometimes too. Sometimes it is too bad, that I say to myself, “forget it”, I’m not going to write anymore, today.

Well, you’re not alone in that.

It is hard to motivate yourself? Sometimes I have difficulties motivating myself.

Just like yesterday. I know what the reason was: I drank a glass of wine on evening Sunday. I know when I drank alcohol the day before, I have difficulties concentrating on work the day after. I also know I shouldn’t have…

Life lessons

You think writing is being creative, right?! Yes, but it makes you also a better creator in others ways as well. Such as playing an instrument, or drawing, or speaking.

  1. You will think of solutions
  2. You will be better at telling stories
  3. You will know what you are doing

You will think of solutions

As a thinker of a lot of moments, I try to think about solutions. What can I do about the situation? What is the solution for the passage in the music I play at that moment but is difficult for me? Why do I live the way I do live? Can…

Poetry / Arts / Life

When practicing the violin is frustrating and doesn’t work out, but all worth it.

Frustration comes when the mind blows you away With everything you have had in mind to practise Nothing seems to work with you for the day Could be the case of the trick your mind plays with you Ticking left and right when you want to go forward Stepping back while your mind doesn’t seem to be fine with your path Fingers and the arm moving around the body up and down Angry with yourself by the feeling of the frustration you had Everything that was planned for the day is ruined That foot will stamp on the floor so…

Tea quote


This quote is something to think about. I have thought about it for a while now. And I am still thinking about this quote. What does that mean? What does that mean to the world we live in right now?

Have you ever been good to anyone else? Are you trying to? Sometimes it is difficult, but I think we all have it in us to be kind to anyone else, but the world today is so much changed than twenty years ago.

Let’s see what the words mean.


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Create means:

to make something…

Quote inspiration that inspires me.

When you’re living your life, then you — I hope — do what you love to do.

Lately, I realize that a lot of people have an opinion about anything, everything, and everyone. That makes my stomach turn around a lot.

Everything you do, everything you say, and everything that you have done (or you will do in the future), will be looked into a deeper level of what you should do and shouldn’t do according to what everyone does, as that is the ‘normal thing’.

Why would you judge others on their behavior?

Why should you tell others what…

I have a bizarre situation. Read with me.

I play the violin.

In the past, I have played a piece called ‘Legende’ by violinist/composer Henryk Wieniawski.

I have dreamt about this piece last Monday. I dreamt that I stood on stage playing this piece. I dreamt that I made all the mistakes you could make when being on stage, such as playing the wrong notes, in the wrong position, on the wrong string, out of rhythm, and you name it.

When I woke up, dressed up, went downstairs, and opened up my laptop to write an article about a totally different topic.

As always, I typed YouTube in…

Agnes Laurens

Mother, wife. journalist, painting, violin. See my links:

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