Why you should take care of yourself

You Should Take Care Of Yourself — Even When You’re a Mess

When I was a mess — which I am still sometimes — I didn’t take care of my self. I don’t do that often but I am on my way learning how to take care of myself, or at least finding the habits I need to take care of myself. Creating the kind of habits I am content with to live my life the way I like and I want.

When I do, I feel incredibly amazing when I have done that. Sometimes I feel incredibly productive. Or I feel in some sort of peace. Or some sort of happy feeling crosses my body.

It starts with taking a shower. That is not very often, because I always felt I may not do that and that I am not worth doing that. I thought people wouldn’t see me as a person or don’t like me. So I don’t take that many showers. But I also feel that I don’t have any time to take showers when I have children — take such an amount of time and I am very happy to have them.

Take care of yourself

When I do take a shower, I feel sort of proud, because I have done something above my bad self-worth habits. Then I feel I made a step forward. I get a happy face. And there is such a weird feeling I haven’t felt in ages. I love that feeling. I try to create more of this kind of habit to feel a bit more in peace with myself and my mind.

It is important to take care of yourself. It does a lot of good things with your body and mind. You get more self-confidence, you are more in peace, your habits are changing in a good way. When you have children, they will notice it too and will give you compliments. Maybe your partner too and you know what will happen when he does…

It can lead you to be more productive when you took care of yourself and when you finished what you have to do, then you can be proud that you finally finished your to-do list. That will give you a boost to get more done what you wanted to do. Even you might think about your favorite car you want to buy or the trip you wanted to make since you were a teenager.

Your friends will notice that too. When you’re are single, maybe you will get the handsome man living across the street.

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