Word of the week: well

Agnes Laurens
2 min readSep 16, 2019

I’ll start a series and trigger the languages that make you((‘)re)think about life.

How it works: I turn pages in my English dictionary and stop at just a page. I close my eyes and scroll through the two pages in front of me and stop somewhere with my finger. That’s the word of the week.

The first word is: well. This word can be used as a substantive/noun, adverb, adjectives, intransitive verb and interjection. Thus in many ways.

Well, what shall I write? I try to write well. And I feel well about that. But an oil well is not a subject for me to write about. Well then, someone else is more capable to write about that subject and I know that very well. While I’m cooking very well, as well. Sometimes I don’t behave very well while I’m cooking and the kitchen will be a very well mess. Then I saw the rise welling before I saw a well on the table. Someone didn’t tape it very well and the posters fell on the floor. The poster came into my house well in advanced and the festival is three months ahead. Then my roommate came home. He saw the posters on the floor and he thought I didn’t feel very well. He wanted to call an ambulance, but I said I am very well. “The posters fell out of the well”, I said. He treated me very well after that by giving me flowers that were well combined by the well-known local florist. Well, I love these flowers a lot. He knows my taste very well. “Well done with your choice.”, I said.

There are different meanings of the word well or different ways how to use them well. Where to begin?

What means well to you? Let me know in the comments or reply to this e-mail.

Originally published at https://tinyletter.com on September 16, 2019.

Agnes Laurens

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