Why I Always Clap 50 Time

Because I love your story!

Agnes Laurens
2 min readJun 8, 2020


I love writing stories here on Medium. I also love reading stories from other writers here on Medium. I love to read your stories (which I can’t read all of them), but when I love your story a lot I give you 50 claps.

I know the days when clapping was giving you money, is over. Still, I give 5 claps for your story. It is because you deserve those engagements here on Medium to be known for your work, your hard work you put in that story.

When I give you 50 claps, it is because I think your story needs to be recognized here on Medium. When I clap 50 times, I see value in your story. Your story moved me a lot to give you 50 claps.

This is what Medium said about claps:


Clapping allows you to show your support for a Medium post.

When ranking stories, our system will evaluate claps users give out on an individual basis, assessing their applause for a particular post relative to the number of claps they typically give.

Clapping for a story will notify the author that you applauded.

So, you know when I clapped for your stories. I will be notified when you clapped for my stories.

I love to engage this way with my readers. I also want to know what stories value to my readers.

At the same time, those claps give me the opportunity to engage with what resonates with my values and standards and with what stories I love to read. Also, I know what I love to read, and with what stories I feel I can add the values if I want to reread it later to remember what I read (for if I forget to).

Giving 50 claps means that my profile will show up in your feed — when someone you follow and I don’t follow — claps my story. That is how it works with claps.

When I clap your story, it shows up in my follower’s feed too, so they know your stories too. That is how the metrics of Medium claps works.

Your story deserves to be seen!

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Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in Bunnik, The Netherlands, with her husband and three daughters.

Writing is — aside from playing the violin — one of her passions since childhood. She is on Twitter and Instagram.

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Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with three daughters. https://linktr.ee/alaurens