Which apps I truly like and why

Everyone uses apps these days. On the laptop, on their phone or their tablet.

Most of us can’t stop using these apps. Otherwise, we can’t do our work.

I like a lot of apps too! And each week I’m learning or searching for new apps I can use.

Use in business

Most businesses do work with different kind of applications that suit their needs and their kind of business. As a freelance writer, I can use any kind of application to use to plan my writings. I was never organised, so I’m learning to do it right now.

As a writer, I’m working alone. That means — in my case — sitting behind my laptop and writing while there is nobody around me who is disturbing me a lot.

I can choose the apps I love to work with and I don’t have to learn new application skills (I don’t mind if I have to, but sometimes it takes time to more deep into it). But if I can choose applications myself I know for sure I truly like what I work with. Some of the applications can be made more personal. For me that’s important; like adding your dictionary. Then, work and writing will be more fun to do and I’ll be more productive than ever. Without those apps, I think I couldn’t be that much productive than I was the last few weeks.

Here is a list of apps/programmes I love to work with:

  • Google: this is a huge and big platform with so many apps/programmes. For example, Google has Gmail to keep track of your e-mail, for work or private. Also, it has office apps. You don’t need to open your office application. Another application they have and I like is Family Link to keep track of my daughters’ phone. It comes along with your Gmail account.
  • Zoho: this is also a huge platform/programme. Also with an office suite. It looks different than others like Google or Microsoft. But I love to work with it, especially the Zoho docs as I am a writer. This comes along if you have an account with Zoho mail.
  • Microsoft Office is one of the oldest office applications with so many improvements. It’s a shame that you have to buy for it.
  • PlanMaker Free: this is another word processor and it’s free. You can custom the interface. It is a normal and good working word processor. Only you can’t use templates. But that’s fine because I always use templates online or from other office applications. Then I save it on my laptop.
  • Libre Office: another office application that is good to work with. I use it right now to write this article!
  • Wunderlist: a great app for using as a groceries list, to-do list and keep track from everything you do.
  • Slack: this is a website that has an application for laptop/phone/tablet as well to work with. You can add teammates, hashtags and so on to generate with your team to be more productive and keep track of the tasks to be done.
  • Dropbox: this app/website started as just a sharing application. But since a short time, you also can write documents with it and share those with your team.
  • Canva: I love this so much. You can create anything if you’re making visual arts. Logo’s, newsletters, social media posts, and so much more.
  • MailChimp: a great website where you can send newsletters about your business. I use it to send my subscribers my latest work.

Perhaps I’ll come across more apps I use, but this is it for now.

Mother, wife. journalist, painting, violin. See my links: https://linktr.ee/alaurens

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