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Three Steps Away To Taking The Effort To Play An Instrument

I’m glad I had the opportunity to play the violin. I take the advantages now in my early thirties.

Now I can play in a good amateur orchestra and playing beautiful music. Maybe not as a soloist as I wanted as a child, but more playing the violin for fun, to enjoy. I still love playing the violin a lot. It gives me positive emotions and fills me with joy.

When I play the violin, I am emotional. I feel deep inside what the music is meant for and how I have to play certain passages.

When I play myself, I can feel the music through my veins, then I feel the emotions that needed to be played, based on what the composer wanted in his head when composing the music. I can give my emotions in music too. I mean, when I have been through a few things, or someone said something to me I didn’t like, most of the time I take my violin and I play, just play. Not practicing, just playing. Just feeling what I wanted to feel when I was angry when that particular person said something bad to me.

This is what it does with me when I took the effort to play the violin. Before playing the violin I have played the cello for one year.

Sometimes I have some regrets that I quitted playing the cello. It is a beautiful dark instrument getting right into your soul. But I have chosen to play the violin. My sister played the violin when I heard her practicing the instrument for hours. I liked that instrument — I still do too — at that moment, so I begged my parents to buy a violin for me too! They did, luckily, and I started taking violin lessons at the music school. After one year my teacher was replaced by another teacher where I have studied for many years with. She was an incredible teacher. I have learned a lot from her.

Three Steps Away

If you always wanted to play your favorite instrument, then you still can take the effort to play that instrument. With most of the instruments, it is no problem to start at an early age or when you're far in your grown-up years.

  1. Choose your favorite instrument you want to learn. When you have chosen, go to the local music school when they have an open day. Then take a look if it really fits you. Look in a good regional instrument shop to a good sounded instrument. This makes it easier and more fun to learn to play your instrument. Also, ask lots of advice from experienced people.
  2. Look around for a good teacher who is willing to teach people of your age. Some teachers don’t do that. They only prefer to teach children. Also, ask questions to the teacher about your instrument. And ask different kinds of teachers to have a lesson to look if there is a click between the two of you.
  3. Read everything you could about that particular instrument. Sometimes you don’t know about that instrument, but you have heard it once or maybe more times. Learning about instruments — especially the one you want to play — in very important. You know how to play it better. You know how to use it properly.

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