Things in life that are worth thinking about

Agnes Laurens
2 min readApr 28, 2018

When I started thinking about what I’ve done in my life, I thought: what did I actually do? I have no goals in life to stick to it. I have dreams but do I need goals? There you are, everyone has another opinion about this. I never thought it was important. But now I think differently about having goals in your life, you have something to live for.

Threw away my dream
In cases of music: I did a lot. From starting to learn to play the violin when I was seven until now, and now playing in a good amateur orchestra in Utrecht. During my teenage years, I played in one of the best youth orchestras in The Netherlands. I loved to do that. And I still love to do to play the violin. I also got very good violin lessons from great teachers. One of them was a teacher at the conservatory of Zwolle. I was pretty serious about getting a degree in violin teaching or performing. But as I didn’t practise enough or as some people called it lazy, I also had some issued I had to deal with personally, and that’s why I didn’t want to practise. I thought I wasn’t worth to be recognised. Now I have so many regrets I didn’t practise because I actually wanted to become a great classical violinist.

No well-paid job
So, now I haven’t my dream job, I have no well-paid job. And when it comes to working, I didn’t do a lot. Now, I work as a local journalist. It doesn’t pay that much… (I love the work, I really do, but the money isn’t worth it).

I meet other people with diverse interests I may speak to and get to know a little bit… Its worth the contact, but not paying much for a living.

Goals in life
Now I don’t have a well-paid job and I don’t have any goals (or at least the only goal I had, I threw away)… I changed about this subject and now I think it is very important to have any goals in your life. I haven’t thought about which goals, but I think about it.

But how do you get done your goals when you never had one? I think you have to set one goal what you want to have done at the end. It could be one big goal or a small goal.

For example, next year in 2019 I want to wear a bikini on the beach. So, how do I achieve that? First, I check how many days I have left. Then I check how I can achieve that and which products or stuff I need. Then check what I can do on which days.

Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with three daughters.