The art of making radio

Once I have told you I present the local radio. I still do present the local radio. Yes, I still love to do it. But I present in lower frequent time.

In 2012 I started making radio with the local radio station. There was an ad in the local newspaper (a different one I work for). I just finished my course in journalism. So, this was a good start! Actually an opportunity to get on a higher level to make radio.

Proud to be a presenter

I love to make a radio programme I can be very proud of. It’s quite a challenge. I have some anxiety when I have to speak to others. I gave myself too many pressures. I wanted to perform highly the first time I presented my local political radio programme. I know it is not possible and that I have to learn during the road. But that’s what I always had in my system (I also try to let things go when it’s needed. I can, but it can be better to do that). At that time I starting presenting this programme with someone else, but suddenly she told me I was on my own. She walked away from this programme. My anxiety came along again. Somehow I managed to present it anyhow. Now I do it alone every time. And I’m proud of it.

A few years later we started a new programme I participated in. Now we had to go down with that programme (which we start again under a new format). We had to interview people, read the local news and so on. I love it very much. We are starting soon with the new format.


I discovered I like to make radio programmes because I can talk about a subject that matters the most to me. When interviewing others, you talk to a lot of people about different subjects they know a lot about. In this way, you learn a lot more about these subjects. I’m always curious about what I want to know to improve my life or just what I want to know.

Since the first day, I thought I like it very much, but now it’s one of my passions to do. I can be creative too. You work with great co-workers and meet new people. Like I do for the local newspaper! You’re on your own too, but at the same time, you work with lovely people. At least that is my experience.

There is a technician who is responsible for your sound, the phone call with an interviewer, microphone and so on. You have to work with the technician as close as possible.

Prepare your episode

First of all, you have to prepare your radio programme before starting to talk into your microphone. When you make a radio programme about classical music, you are not talking about the Rolling Stones. So, ask yourself what you want to talk about in that episode. Have some themes if possible within the main theme. Look — in this main theme — who is an expert to interview with. Research about the topic you’re talking about. The more you know about your topic, the more you can ask or tell. You won’t look like an idiot when you’re presenting your programme. And maybe there will be subtopics within this theme. Research that too.

Mother, wife. journalist, painting, violin. See my links:

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