Agnes Laurens
2 min readSep 26, 2020
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Thanks so much for your article.

I was six years old when I started playing the cello. My mom wanted a cellist at home as there were already other instrumentalists at home: violin, guitar, piano, flute, recorder.

After one year playing the cello, I rather wanted to play the violin. I saw my sister playing the violin.

When I started to play the violin, I immediately felt a connection with this instrument. I loved it from the beginning.

In The Netherlands, we don’t have music in primary school. Sometimes there will be teachers from music schools giving lessons.

At my primary school, there was a school orchestra. We won even a prize at a regional competition. I had so much fun playing the violin in there with fellow musicians.

I continued my musical education through private violin lessons and playing even in YouthOrchestra of The Netherlands. I even played in three orchestras at the same time. Now I am playing in an orchestra in Utrecht.

I am lucky I was able to play the violin. I wanted to go to the conservatory. I failed the audition and that year I became pregnant of my first daughter. I never did audition again.

What you tell in this article is so true. I feel that I can make connections somehow and in certain situations. You are solving problems easier than you might think.

Because of circumstances, I am not in peace with myself, but healing from my negative past. That was the reason why I couldn’t concentrate fully on making music, as I wished.

Now I have three daughters, the oldest and youngest are playing the violin and my middle daughter plays the recorder. My oldest daughter plays in an orchestra and she has fun with her friends there.

My middle daughter doesn’t play in an ensemble, but sometimes she participates in a Recorder Academy with children and adults playing a different kind of recorders.

The youngest just started two years ago playing the violin. We are looking for an orchestra for her. I know for sure she will play better when she participates in an orchestra.

So, this is all true about making music. Thanks again for your article.

Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with three daughters.