Thanks for your response.

I guess we both celebrate the same event, but we are from different countries where we also live. But I think the conclusion from the forth and back of the stories is that we both do it differently with the same tradition but in different countries.

Also did the other author mentioned another celebration in the comment and I was not talking about that event in my story. I wanted to have an open discussion about the comment that was made between the two of us.

Apparently the other author blocked me and I can’t see her stories anymore as well as her comments. The other author also pointed out why I said something about racism in my articles as I was curious if Black people did matter the way we — Dutch people — celebrate Sinterklaas as white people are painted black (in The Netherlands there is a group who believes it has anything to do with racism). Unfortunately, I couldn’t make that comment.

I just wanted to clarify things out for readers as I think it is important to know both whole stories, the other author’s perspectives and mine.

This is as far as I can view the way it happened.

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