Keeping Note of All the School Information.

What you can do to make it work for you and your children.

Agnes Laurens
2 min readAug 19, 2019

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The last few months I have got a lot of information from my children’s school. It goes through the school app we use. It is split into three categories: the school level and group level my children are in.

Next year, my oldest is going to secondary school with more information and another app we can download. We can see her numbers, her homework, how many hours school she has on that day or when a teacher calls in sick and an hour couldn’t be replaced.

The teachers give everyone the information what they’ve done in class or when there is information about activities they need help with. Teachers can give information, but parents add photos or other information too when they helped with the activities. So, there will be lots of information to remember and maybe there is some action we need to do. It could be collecting toilet paper rolls, bringing some glasses from pots with us.

Sometimes I ask myself: can I manage all that with three children, keeping the house and so on? Well, I have to, so your mindset will be to remember. But how on earth is that possible?

To remember:

  1. In the first week of the new school year, I write all the activities of the children and their group on my agenda. I don’t colour any group as I don’t like that.
  2. When there will be more information or any request from the teachers before the event/activity, then I will write it in my agenda as well as put a notification on my phone to ring a few days before and on that day.

Next year, this won’t happen for my oldest, but there will be other kinds of information. And actually, I’m looking forward to this new phase in my life and my daughter’s!

How do you keep up with all the information from and about the school?

Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with three daughters.