Photo by Tom Birch on Unsplash

I think flyers really helps. There is a classical music concert series from a clarinetist living in my village. She always makes flyers and put in on the table in the supermarket, hang it on doors in other shops in the village. She makes it in different formats, so it is readable for a lot of people. You make this flyer digital, so you can use it for digital marketing as well. It looks a little bit old fashioned, but I still believe it attracts people (even for the purpose to not rush their life for a little bit 😄).

In my library, there are having a lot of flyers and they are doing well. It could differ per community, but people on age are loving to have a flyer. There are flyers for sustainably purposes, flyers for computer programming or learning to use a computer, reading club flyers, concert flyers, book flyers, actually a lot to mention.

Mother, wife. journalist, painting, violin. See my links:

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