How To Train Your System To Learn New Things Everyday

This is such an important thing in life. Your system is your body and your brain.

You learn every day and sometimes you don’t learn every day. Sometimes you are in a bubble of whatever is going on in your life and not aware of what you’re doing. You’re just doing your job and tasks unconscious. You don’t think about what you’re doing in the first place. That’s a shame. But every day you have to learn new things. Like when you’re playing hockey you should learn also another sport. It doesn’t have to be physically, but also the rules are fine. Even within your field at work, you have to learn new things. When you’re a programmer, learn different kinds of codes. It helps your career. Also, when you’re a musician, learn to play another instrument or even another musical genre.

Your system: brain and body

Your body and brain and all your behavior are called your system. They’re all functioning together. When you are talking to someone about feelings. You will talk about it or not. That is because you have been through situations in your life that hurt a lot. You found a way to cope with some feelings. You find it difficult to open that door. There are going some triggers in your body that says not open that door.

It is like reading as a child. You have to learn before it recognizes the letters which ones they are.

Your brain sends signals to your body parts. The body knows what to do with what arm or foot. You’re brain exposures to a great level. And your body is getting euphoric. It depends on what the situation is. But your brain and your body parts — with its functions — are in very close contact with each other.

So, when you’re learning new things everyday your brain exposure and learns that you want to be curious. No matter what it is. Understand things and don’t leave it with what people say.

How do you train your system to learn new things?

Then there is the question: how do you learn new things every day? Well there are a few things when you learn new things every day.

First of all, know what you like to do, what is your profession and what are your interests. What have you learned to do your profession? Can you still learn from it? If yes, what is it? Can you learn more about your job? And think about this as well within all of your interest, or when you’re playing an instrument or organizing your friend’s birthday party.

Every day you can learn new skills.

But the question is how you can learn new things every day.

We take your hobby painting. In the beginning you learn about the brushes you can use, the canvasses you can use and the kind of paint exists. But in the first place, when you start, you learn about the kind of brushes. You ask the teacher, or you look it up somewhere, what you can do with it, the names of the brushes and their techniques.

When you’re playing an instrument your body, like your hands, fingers and arms needs to get used to hold the instrument the proper way. Your brain will be trained what you have to do first. In the beginning, your teacher tells you how to hold your instrument. Your brain gets an alarm when holding that instrument. It knows now how to hold the instrument. Your brain sends the sign to your body parts. In the first few weeks, you have to think about how you hold that instrument, but after that, it should be going itself.

The steps I use:

1. Make a list of what you know about the subject you want to learn more about. Are there sub-subjects you want to know more about?

2. Make a mind map of what you already know about the subject but you don’t have the skills yet you want to develop.

3. Is there any literature about that subject? Get it from your library or your bookstore, or somewhere online.

4. Make notes what you know, make notes you just learned and make notes with all the questions you have to develop the skills and knowledge.

5. Set a goal for every day.

This is how I do it.

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Writing is her passion since childhood. Never had she ever done anything with it until a few months back.

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