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    just a random 15-year-old who call himself a writer. 2x medium top-writer.

  • Warren Patterson

    Warren Patterson

    Freelance Writer. I like to write about life, travel, and humor. 2x Top Writer. Owner of the travel pub "Globetrotters". Fitness junkie. Dark chocolate addict.

  • TzeLin Sam

    TzeLin Sam

    Random ramblings on everything and anything under the sun. Please buy me a coffee. Thank you very much! https://ko-fi.com/samtzelin

  • Sal Writes

    Sal Writes

    Aspiring Historian & Storyteller. Contact: dogarsalman99@gmail.com

  • Eric Weiner

    Eric Weiner

    Philosophical Traveler. Recovering Malcontent. Author of four books., including my latest, “The Socrates Express” — now out in paperback!

  • DMTakeshi


    DMTakeshi has zero credentials and these poems have a high probability that they are the ramblings of a person with a serious mental illness. Enjoy!

  • Phoenix Mōsher

    Phoenix Mōsher

    Writer. Critical Thinker. Mental Health advocate. Caregiver (CLN3 Batten Disease). Spreading love from experience, through poetry and with Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Andy Spears

    Andy Spears

    Writer and policy advocate living in Nashville, TN

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