Are people creative when they’re chaotic

If I speak for myself, I am chaotic and I’m creative. Also at the same time.

Agnes Laurens
3 min readOct 22, 2019

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Most people have a clean house, you barely see that people live(d) in the house. These people are the one who hates dust around their house.

You have people who never clean their house. They don’t like that or they have no time to do it and hate it when others touch their stuff.

And you have people in between. These people like cleaning their house when it’s necessary, but don’t give it a priority. These people are the most creative, at least, research says. But are you chaotic when you don’t give cleaning your house a priority? Or are you chaotic when you do a few things at the same time?

According to the dictionary, chaotic means you don’t have a systematic rhythm in your daily life that’s the same you can follow as a positive habit, with what you do or what you have to do. You do things however it comes. Doing tasks at the very last moment. Sometimes you forget things to do.

According to the dictionary creative means you find new things people can use, watch at or doing like writing, painting, making movies, playing a musical instrument or something similar.

When I write, I am creative by thinking how I want you — the reader — to read the article. When I play the violin, I think about how I want the listener to listen I interpret the piece. The process towards it is creative.

Then I forget other things to do, like keeping the house or something else.

Another question I ask myself a lot, is if people are chaotic when they’re a creative person? It’s difficult to say because there are creative people out there who have a good structure in life and every corner at home is clean.

I’m also not that consequent during writing. When I write this article on paper first, I -most of the time — use date when I start writing the article to find it back. Sometimes I don’t. Then I don’t know when I started writing the article and how long I’ve written the article.

Sometimes I started writing and suddenly I see myself doing completely something else or writing another article. Then I finish the first one a week later or so. And then I find myself crazy doing things not consequently!

What do creatives need — when they’re busy being creative — to stay focused on what they’re doing? A good question. I only can speak for myself:

  • Create habits that work for you and you can stick to it.
  • Create a structure to focus on when being creative, but don’t forget other things.
  • Don’t get distracted in the way, like your phone.
  • Make goals for that day, so you know what to do and get better at it.

I’m still not there yet. But I’m trying every single day.

Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with three daughters.