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When you tell your parents you’re pregnant at a very young age.

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I wore my red shirt, my belly grew, and often I wore my grey Oxford sweater my partner gave me when I was pregnant, one size bigger from being pregnant and wanted to wear it a million times during pregnancy.

I walked into the kitchen in our new house, I couldn’t cook properly, but I had to learn this within just six months. This time, after four months, I could cook a proper meal: Indonesian from my father’s homeland.

When I walked into that kitchen, I almost fell on the floor because of a mis-step, still, something bothered me: I…

Parenting must be more rewarded than it is now.

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I said it to him: “I didn’t get my period last month. I think I am pregnant.” We did the dishes together when I spoke those words. We were a little bit silent. We didn’t know what to say to each other. “I keep the baby,” I said to break the silence. “I want the baby to know his or her father,” I continued.

I wore my red shirt on my blue jeans. I sat there, on a green chair in front of the TV. After doing the dishes we realized ‘we will be parents soon’. We looked at each…

I have to live with it. Or do I have to do something about it?

The photo is taken by the author on her holiday in Austria. Up in the mountains, I am not afraid.

With the pandemic still going on, Germany would be the best option to go on holiday. Germany is also one of my ultimate countries to go on holidays. The decision I made: I booked two holiday destinations in Germany. I booked holiday homes in the Eiffel, Germany. In the mountain, I could walk there. The mountains here are not high enough as my husband wants. Also, I could walk through small villages to see their beauty. I love that. I was beyond excited to go on holiday.

I am excited. Yes, I was. There got a bumper.

At the beginning…

Medium Writers Challenge

When re-entry into the music world made me the happiest woman on earth.

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I took my bike, and I put my violin on my back. I also put my music stand in the basket of my bike. I was a little bit nervous when I closed the gate of the garden. Somehow I felt like having butterflies in my belly. I started smiling when I closed the door of my garden. I was beyond excited to play the violin with others again. I stayed smiling during the first part of my cycling trip to the outbuilding of the church.

The path that leads to the street was very dark, and I am scared…

What do you think when people talk badly about each other?

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I stepped onto the second train — with my oldest descendant — to pick up her two youngest siblings. We had to transfer the train to Utrecht, The Netherlands, to travel to Zwolle. The first train stopped at all train stations. The second train we needed in Zwolle was an intercity — which stopped only at the main cities and big towns. We had a few minutes of transfer time. It was not occupied, on the train.

I heard people communicate a lot with each other. …

Music / Classical Music

Musical drama in the practice room.

My fingers after practicing the violin for three hours per day, every day. The photo was taken by the author.

I stand in front of my music desk in the living room, and I look into the new music that is on my blue music desk. There are a lot of notes on the paper, with too many rhythmic melodies, and it seemed pretty difficult to play. I love such challenges.

When I finished looking into the music — all movements — I put my violin under my chin, the bow on the strings, and I make the sound. The sound of all the notes in the music, the composer wrote, is something I need to work on. It doesn’t…

Poetry / Music / Violin / Life / Entertainment

Inspired by the violin concerto by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

Image by Vlad Gudzovskiy from Pixabay

Mysterious, excited, and yet,
the darkness of the notes,
while in the mids of nature,
you’re running through the field.

The warmth, the intensity, and the e-flat,
the note that you play lower, like the goats,
walk beside you in good structure,
because of that imagination, you healed.

With what you thought — taking off that hat,
you dreamt being on stage, in your concert clothes,
the violin under your chin, as the infrastructure
of the orchestra, playing as they yield.

You open your eyes and realized you’re at
the concert hall, in real life, with a dose
of humor, you take…

You can be a writer too! Lessons I learned from beginners.

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I can say: “I am a decent writer.” I can say this because I write every day, whether it is a poem, a short story, or an article to get my voice out there. I love writing since being a little child. My mom told me I always wrote short stories. It didn’t make sense a lot, but I wrote and I wrote like I practiced the violin every day for hours to be better at it.

Now, I also read stories from beginner writers. They have a voice too, but they also have knowledge I don’t have. …

Crown of Sonnets

What a music soul means.

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1. The way it was
Walking to my first violin lesson, then,
I knew we were meant to be together,
for the rest of my life, there was the when,
where, and how I would fill in when weather
is ruining my plans to play outside
with all my friends in the neighborhood, is
playing inside, an instrument with pride,
and then I say to my mother: “This bliss”,
I started, and then continued: “is what”,
sighted, “need to do.” My mother gave me
a hug and said: “Of course”, when her black cat
walked inside, and continued: “fly, my bee.”
And he took his violin to play when he
need to be, like…

Newbie-writers and readers-wannabe-writers are the most precious to have here in this community.

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hello fellow writer! yeah i am talk to you.

Do you read the sentence above? That is how I started out as a writer three years ago. I didn’t know how to start. Full of mistakes. I wrote more and more, and the more I write, the more I got the confidence to write better and learn from my mistakes.

I have had an account on Medium since 2016. I didn’t know what to do with this account until I decided to write on Medium regularly. What shall I talk about? I read hundreds of articles about writing and how…

Agnes Laurens

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with her husband and three daughters.

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