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Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with her husband and three daughters.

Tanka / Nature / Floods

mud driving through the
street when everything moves with
what nature wants to be
moved from the places it stood
and let people feel emptied

Nothing happened to me, but following the news of the floods in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria.

What is your nature consequences? Did something happen to you? This is a prompt to write a Tanka about the consequences of nature when something happened to you.

Would you also play?

Tree Langdon, Dew Langrial, The Maverick Files, Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Desiree Driesenaar, Lucy The Eggcademic (she/her), Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D., Charlotte Zobeir Ali

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Poetry / Contemporary Poetry / Travel / Train

Being nauseous on the train felt horrible.

I felt horrible the whole time
everything up and down
my stomach hurts
and now, I don’t know
a bit better but restless
still, I know, I need a day
recover from that moment

looking at my daughter
she, listening to her favourite music
me, trying to close my eyes
concentrate on the next moves
opening again, the eyes,
the train stood still
and me? flabbergasted we were there

What was your memorable moment from your last train trip? Tag me if you want me to read your take.

Would you also play?

Tree Langdon, Dew Langrial, The Maverick Files

Dizain / Poetry / Love

When have you been compared by others?

the first note you gave me, a few years ago
I laughed out loud because I thought ‘silly’,
when reading that note, I thought it, Catho
later realizing you joked, my Billy
being around you and seeing Nilly
one thing that taught me is nobody trusts
whatever that might be, is out of bursts
looking at other people will hurt me
do you know that this fact will be my hurts?
there was a moment I thought there was we

When have you been hurt by someone? …

Prose / Poetry / Life / Psychology / Mental Health

Life is changing constantly, but you — as a human being — stays the same.

What had happened in your past makes you the human being you are, the one you had in mind as a child, the one you became because of events you have been through, the one that meets people you love, and you learn from them.

People who think they are everything and only they count, telling you what to do, while you frown your eyebrows, knowing they hurt you, and they know it. They don’t care and laugh as if it is nothing, but it is everything to you. Your heart — almost pulled out of your body — and…

Humanity / Life / Psychology

Respect each other and have a beautiful life.

Oh, these days, with social media, everyone is focused on one and the only self and not, or barely not, taking care of one another. In this society, we are more focused on presenting ourselves as good people and having a good life.

We all say that we must believe in ourselves. We say that we are having all the rights for only our ego. We say we are right in all aspects of what we are saying.

When people have other views, they look at you, and they think you are crazy and not understanding how everything works.


Tanka / Poetry / Nature / Floods

Another take on the floods.

through the villages
and without the border of
what should be dykes
when flooding on the streets with you
while whole Europe affected

What is nature doing these days, how does this affect your wellbeing?

Would you also play?

Tree Langdon, Dew Langrial, The Maverick Files, Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Desiree Driesenaar, Lucy The Eggcademic (she/her), Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D., Charlotte Zobeir Ali, Bill Abbate, René Junge, Geetika Sethi, Julene Cole, Dr. Preeti Singh, Tony Young, Jr., Liam Ireland, Aurora Eliam, CMP, B. A. Cumberlidge., Brian E. Wish, PhD, Britni Pepper, CR Mandler MAT, Marijke McCandless, Dr John Rose, Earnest Painter

Getting into the works of Shakespeare.

Agnes Laurens

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