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Mother, wife. journalist, painting, violin. See my links:


Episode #6

Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk from Pexels

“This winner for the best newcomer in this catagory is for Mr Jonas Tellme.”

Jonas put the microphone too close to his mouth. “Oops, sorry, never used to do this.”

He took a deep breath. “I want to thank all my hundred editors, who make it possible to run this publication. Without them, I wouldn’t have been this far with my publication. This article, which got the nomination, was written by Pieternella. Thank you for writing this article. So, this one is for you.”

He got two kisses on each cheek. He looked at Stephany and Lavender. …

Poetry / Arts / Life

When do you think outside the box?

Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

Disciplines in a different field
One art combined with the other
Doing so to get healed
This time, I will bother

What you let happen there
All doing it their way
Is possible, and everywhere
One road, it was a May Day

Getting the idea you had
From paper to the board
It is all still in your head
One was with a choird

Music, theatre, in such a key
Giving people a place
Starting on the note B
Always with lots of grace

Harmony; speaking and playing
Dissonance in speaking with voice
While you were staying
It was the only one Joyce…


How do you see a field with colourful flowers?

Photo by Chirag Saini on Unsplash

It is yellow, white, or pink
A big field to think
Flirting with the flowers, and wink
Walking to let in sink
While having a bottle to drink

More to come in different colours
Giving you the right honours
Seeing them in the late hours
Counting flowers as they are all fours
Taking you through tours

To make it all possible now
Because you know it how
Following that way as a cow
Compliments as people say wow
You give them a huge bow

About the writer

Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. …

70 — Word Story / Storytelling / Writing

Episode #1

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

“Oh, do you know, that online platform I write about? It is doing very spooky at the moment. They’re coming in and coming out at unnecessary moments and at moments it is not suitable in my schedule.”

“What did you do then?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Well, it will be probably your settings.”

“I already looked at that, nothing so far.”

And with that Anthony went back to his writing.

Other series I am writing now: Mystery Series, Violin Series, Spider Series, Editor Series, Office Series, Through the Gate Series, Back To My Parents Series, Ex-Boyfriend Series, Whisky Messaging

About the writer


Acrostic poetry / Poetry / Self

Who are you?

Photo credits: Author

All-day long writing stories and poems to make a difference
Generalizing things is not in my dictionary
Never missing a musical note the composer meant
Every day practicing the violin for three hours
Staying home with the children and raising them

Learning new things from everyone talking to
Align to what have been asked to keep up the rules
Utrecht is the province in The Netherlands I live in
Raining happiness for everyone I think deserves it
Entertaining could be a possibility by making jokes
Notebooks, I have tons of them in every corner of my room
Stamping with my feet for human rights since the…

Agnes Laurens

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