3 Reasons: Why You Should Create Habits and Traditions As A Person

Creating habits and traditions is fine. It is even good for you to have these habits and traditions that fit you and your lifestyle.

I already spoke about traditions in the world, but within traditions in the world, we also have our own traditions — as a person. This makes us unique as human beings.

When we celebrate Christmas, as a community, we celebrate it — of course — on 25th and 26th December. But how we celebrate Christmas as a human being, depends on the traditions we have from our parents, grandparents and other descents. These traditions will be given to their children. Until someone decides to change things. Reasons for change could be marrying a spouse who has other traditions that person likes more. I remember I had a concert on Second Christmas Day with my very first orchestra in the morning and then going to my grandparents. It was my grandmother's birthday on Second Christmas Day, so we celebrated her birthday as well.

Now I don’t have that tradition, because I don’t play in my very first youth orchestra and my grandmother is deceased.

Do I have new Christmas traditions? I don’t as we don’t celebrate Christmas (I wish we did, but in The Netherlands we have Sinterklaas)

You can think about any tradition to create or follow. But within these traditions, you can think to have your own traditions on how you celebrate it. And creating your own habits.

Speaking of habits? Do you have habits? If yes, what are these habits? Maybe a brutal question.

A question I got a few weeks ago. It is not a brutal question. I thought about it. I agree you have to think about creating habits for you, your family and so on.

You have to create habits as a person because you have to focus on what you want to achieve in life. If you want to become the best writer in the world, you have to create habits to become one. Habits could be waking up at 6 am, reading books every day for 30 minutes.

3 reasons why you should create habits as a person

  1. You create stability in your life
  2. You know exactly what to expect
  3. Your beloved ones exactly know how to behave around you

You create stability in your life

When you have habits, you create stability in your life. I don’t have that many habits, because I also like my freedom. But I have some habits to stay a writer: write every day and wake up at 6 am. These two fundamental elements in my life are very important. I know exactly when to start writing and how long I have before my folks are coming downstairs. Also, I have peace when nobody is around me. That is what I’m grateful for. Yes, you miss them when they are not around you, but I need that time to write, to fully concentrate.

You know exactly what to expect

As you create this as a habit you know exactly what to expect and your people know what they expect from you. You exactly know how your day will be beside the unexpected.

It is nice to have the freedom to decide what to do next during the day, but also a little bit of structure will be nice. Few habits. Create the once you love and fit in your lifestyle. That you are willing to share it with your beloved ones.

These habits could be a part to reach your (life)goals.

Your beloved ones exactly know how to behave around you

As said, your beloved ones need to know your habits, so they can help you in reaching your goals. Also — as said — they can help you or they just know it. They want to know you because they love you as who you are. They want to see you grow in everything you do.

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Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper, Medium.com. Agnes lives in Bunnik, The Netherlands, with her husband and three daughters. Writing is — aside from playing the violin — one of her passions since childhood. She is on Twitter and Instagram.

Writing is her passion since childhood. Never had she ever done anything with it until a few months back.

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